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  3. L2HellHound Interlude No-Custom PvP Server x1200 Join Now Server opens yesterday, Join Now!! L2HellHound.com
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  5. 3V3 Event

    3V3 Event 6/10/2018 23:00 GMT +3 Reward 300 Eola Coins each Player Rules: Normal S grade Items No Epics No Auguments No Enchant Limits No Healealer Class like: Bishop,elder,shile elder, Can only use Dominator. Everything else is allowed
  6. LF Active clan

    I am active player wl main and looking for good and active clan to recruit me . Pm me ingame : Muffin
  7. Lf clan!

    Cp pt here:)pm me
  8. KiDNapping

    No recruitments also.
  9. KiDNapping

    Ty Bro.
  10. FallenAngeLs

    Lethals vs Fake Names oka
  11. Look at this Dev. please!

    It's a nice future, we will take a consider adding this. However, there is everywhere action in Eola!
  12. KiDNapping

  13. KiDNapping

  14. KiDNapping

    Πες ένα welcome ρε μαν. Δεν είναι κακό
  15. Quattro Group.

    u know if the MA gonna make a video? u did well as bishop but BS POV kinda suck u know (from the 9x9 i mean)
  16. KiDNapping

    saw lots of mentioned kings but this one it's actually really funny
  17. KiDNapping

  18. KiDNapping

    solo. do not bother me . lets have fun
  19. KiDNapping

    <C> Codex Pedraforca teas Art Buczek BoB Aewhwjaha VACILAO Pedra's neighbour KINGPAVLARAS guest stars:Kenji,Vinlicious
  20. FallenAngeLs

  21. Quattro Group.

    Зайдём побегать сюда клан PHGP Нужен +1 дд в приоритете знакомые скайп : tema22rus1 вк :https://vk.com/id112734021
  22. PHGP returned.

    lf mag/archer cp
  23. Team Panos Turhanaj

    хорошая работа dalbaebs

    Congratulations to everyone amazing 9v9s over 5 hours of fights Winners: Quattro Group FallenAngels Japokar
  25. Look at this Dev. please!

    I don't know how much hard it could be to add this for you (i think you have the knowledge to do this for sure), but would pretty awesome to have this feture on the GK, so we can find where the action is taking place: A GK that show you if there are players in X zone and they status, i think it's pretty amazing to have this.
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