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    October 2nd - 20:00 GMT+3. Live-streaming and casting the event with web-cam! Also, with a special guest! https://www.twitch.tv/yeahthepro
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    Added on the Download Section
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    ooooo me so chinese
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    C H I N A ??
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    Is this the yellow tag ? the easiest zerg fraps material I've ever had. Very easy zerg. easy warlord party got wiped before they even got close to us by our 1 mage party. also 1 sps party aoe-ed all your side in 5 secs =]
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    im saying you even Brazil can beat you pretty quick You're nothing more than just 15 parties
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    Hey MrPro i would like to join a stable clan like Yours Age 28 Class Bp 8 years playing with it since l2khaos If you agree please send me massage on Fourm Nick in game Amira Thanks
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