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  1. October 2nd - 20:00 GMT+3. Live-streaming and casting the event with web-cam! Also, with a special guest! https://www.twitch.tv/yeahthepro
  2. CHINA

    Is this the yellow tag ? the easiest zerg fraps material I've ever had. Very easy zerg. easy warlord party got wiped before they even got close to us by our 1 mage party. also 1 sps party aoe-ed all your side in 5 secs =]
  3. SGC L2 Eola - All the movies

    At least u got the best files compared to any other java server. the closest ones to pts, so that's something :>
  4. SGC L2 Eola - All the movies

    Would've been much better if target system was working 100% properly like PTS files :<
  5. SGC L2 Eola - All the movies

    Season 2: Season 3: We didn't join in Season 4(thankfully as i judged from the fraps there weren't any good or big sides), but we'll be here for Season 5.