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  1. Look at this Dev. please!

    I don't know how much hard it could be to add this for you (i think you have the knowledge to do this for sure), but would pretty awesome to have this feture on the GK, so we can find where the action is taking place: A GK that show you if there are players in X zone and they status, i think it's pretty amazing to have this.
  2. 1vs1 option in Team Fight Manager...

    I tried that and the system say "i need to be in a party".
  3. Can you add 1vs1 option so ppl without party can Fight?
  4. How long will be the downtime aprox?

    OK, thx for the info,
  5. Some ETA on when the server will be back ON? Thx.
  6. I can see a lot of work have been done in the server, it looks great, too bad i'm from Argentina and i have 230ms on the server, but i will try to play anyways and see if i have too much disadvantage in PVP.
  7. Download L2 Client?

    Already downloaded it from here: https://gameborder.net/download/lineage-ii-interlude-client/
  8. Download L2 Client?

    I lf it on the Download section but there is only the Patch, can you give us a link for download the L2 CLIENT we need to play? Thx.