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    OBT 9 VERSUS 9 CHALLENGE Registration until 30 September Event begins 2 OCTOBER 20:00 GMT +3 Rules & Information's 9 Players minimum per party. Rewards: TOP 1 BEST OF THE BESTS - KINGS OF THE KINGS = 100EURO Paypal - 2000Eola Coins TOP 2 ALMOST MADERS - SECOND FOR EVER = 800Eola Coins TOP 3 LAST FOR EVER - FOR EVER BAD = 500Eola Coins Also, special reward for all rest parties who made it under the top 3 = [Click Here! to Claim your Reward!] Skills not allowed: Flames of Invicibility NO AUGMENTS SKILLS. DOD PRE-FRENZY clan skills Item enchant/skill enchant limits: All items Max to +6 Skills max to +10 Class not allowed: Judicator 3 BISHOPS MAX. Items not allowed: TATTOO NO EPICS. Res scrolls Blessed Res Scrolls no custom Hats NO CP POTIONS/ELIXIRS/ANY KIND OF POTION BUT MANA POTS. Scripts detection: Will instantly kick anyone who's gonna be using scripts HOW TO REGISTER? Under this topic With this template Constant Party Name: Constant Party Leader: __________________________________________________ 9 VERSUS 9 MAPS: EACH FIGHT WILL BE - BEST OF 3 FIGHTS Each team will choose 1 map , and final match Map will be picked Random By a dice, each map has a number, so the dice number that is rolled will be the chosen 3th map of the Final match. Maps: Retail Coliseum Map - 1 Rune Castle Balcony - Map 2 Dion Castle Outside the first Gates - Map 3 ABD Clan Hall Outside - Map 4 Dwarven Territory Tide Bridge - Map 5 Garden of Eva Hidden Room Tunnel - Map 6 JAIL - MAP 7 Abandoned Fortress Under Tunnel - Map 8 Gludin Harbor vilage plaza - Map 9