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Week 1 - Updates Valzeroth x 500

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    Week 1 - Updates on Valzeroth x 500
    9v9 Automatic Turnament weekly.
    9v9 Weekly Turnament will be done automatically by the Chef Hang which can be found in town.
    How does it works and how you can take place:
    You go to Chef Hang on the town wth your 9 players from the party, and you register them in the Npc as The Party leader.
    Turnament starts 9v9 Matches every day at 21:00 +3 GMT
    It announces the Fights will be done every day at 20:30 GMT +3
    So it means you have 30 Minutes to prepare your party.
    Players can observ all the 9v9 games from the NPC
    6 Games Max Daily.
    At the end of the week, there will be Finals (Sunday)
    Sunday will fight the Remaining Parties who won the most matches and went to the next phase.
    The Npc will register logs from each clan/party How many times have won/lost.
    ex: Immortalz 4 wins - 1 Loose(1 Time(s) Finalist (2 times Turnament Winners)
    Rules & Restrctions
    9 players max.
    Same Player or character with same IP/HWID can't perticipate 2 times in diferend party
    No CP Potions/Heal Potions/elixirs
    You can enter with buffs
    Finals will be always Streamed on Twitch or Youtube.
    Changelogs and News:
    Added 2 Raids on Party zone with significant drops.
    Respawn time Every 1 and 2 hours (No window)
    Respawn Location: Chaotic Part of the Party zone.
    Treasure Chest Event
    Treasures chests will be spawned in all our custom zones and PvP/Party zones in random locations
    You can just open the chest by clicking on it and it will give you random rewards!
    There is a chance a Mini Boss spawn from the chest while you open it (20% chance to spawn)
    The Mini-Boss has even more awesome Rewards!
    Can be dps alone by any class!
    Mercenary's Journey
    Mercenary Journey has 60 Quests which you will be able to make them by the time and contribution
    Such as Reaching Enchant levels, acuiring equipment being nobless, and much more!
    Every stage and lvl of the Mercenary's Journey wou will be rewarded with Amazing Prizes!
    (More information cooming soon)
    Forge System
    On our Forge system you can Forge your items and misc and exnchange also.
    For example.
    You can forge 5 A grade Scrolls into 1 S grade Scroll
    You can Forget 2 Blessed Armor Scrolls into 1 S grade Weapon Blessed Scroll
    You can Forge Mid Grade and High Grade Lifestones into Top Lvl life stone lvl 76 & 80
    And many more features which awaiting you on Beta & Grand Opening
    More features and updates coming soon.

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