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Castle vs Castle (Reputation System)

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Castle versus Castle

Fire Dragons vs Earth Lions

Water Dragons vs Wind Lions

Introducing Clan Reputation System.
Lot's of Lineage 2 servers now days, make it to easy or not fun at all or just free.
Lineage 2 Eola came up with an amazing idea, which will make u have major-intense fun time to acquire clan reputation points and clan skills.


How does it works?

8 Clans will only be able to participate

in 4 Different Castles

Castle of Fire (Owners of Castle of Fire will have 5% more p.atk)

Castle of Water (Owners of Castle of Water will have 5% more m.atk)

Castle of Earth (Owners of Castle of Earth will have 7% more HP)

Castle of Wind (Owners of Castle of Wind will have 7% more speed)

Castle vs Castle 

Will only be available once a week.

You need to Bid participation with Clan Adena you have stored in your clan warehouse

Bid Starts 19:00 GMT +3
Bids Ends 19:30 GMT +3
Minimum Bid amount 500k Adena

Bid Details:

1. You can only bid using Clan Adena from Clan warehouse

2. The bid must be higher than the first-place clan's bid.

3.Bid within the last minute extend closing time 3 minutes.

4.Each clan can only bid once during the extension

5.Maximum closing time extension is 30 minutes.

6. Bids of insufficient rank will be refunded.

6. Only top 1 and top 2 clan's bid will be approved, and these 2 clans will fight.

7. When 1 clan bid's on the last seconds(extension period) the bid extends to 3 minutes again until the last bid of maximum 30 minutes)


Castle vs Castle

Game play and fight info

First death - respawn penalty time: 5 Seconds

Second death respawn penalty time 8 Seconds

Third time respawn penalty time 20 Seconds

Fourth time respawn penalty time 30 Seconds

Fifth time respawn penalty time 50 Seconds

Sixth time respawn penalty time 60 Seconds

Seventh time respawn penalty time 90 Seconds

Eighth time respawn penalty time 120 Seconds

And every next death it will be always on 120 Seconds

Inside in both castles there is a Holy Artifact that needs to be Imprinted

The clan who manages to imprint first, announces as the winner of Castle vs Castle

If both clans fail to imprint

The game goes to a Tie

and both clans are rewarded 2000 Clan Reputation points.

The Winner clan Wins 5.000 Reputation Points

and 2 Clan skill Selection lvl 3.

Also the winners of the castle will have a 7 day Login reward until next Castle versus Castle Event

The Login reward Panel, will give u 1 Amazing Gift every day for 7 Days.






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